Generally Applicable eMail Disclaimers

The following is generally applicable to all electronic messages you receive from Government Window LLC and its affiliates:

This is a confidential communication between sender and its intended recipient.

We retain copies of messages and monitor them:

Government Window reserves the right, to the extent permitted by applicable law, to monitor electronic communications and store such messages in a manner and at a location within Government Window's discretion.

This message is not intended as an official communication:

Unless otherwise agreed, an electronic message is not intended as an official document or confirmation, and we do not accept responsibility for, or guarantee it to be, accurate, timely, secure, error or virus-free. The information in this communication is provided purely as an informational courtesy.


If you receive written quotations by email which are not attached as official documents signed by an officer of Government Window then, the quotation request is sent to compare available offers and does not imply entering into any legally binding contract. No employee of Government Window has the authority to conclude any binding contract without an explicit written consent of an officer of the Company. Therefore, any will to enter into an agreement must be confirmed by the CEO/COO/CFO of Government Window.

Information may not be secure when transmitted over the Internet:

Government Window makes no representation or warranty that electronic messages will be confidential. Electronic messages may be intercepted or accessed by unauthorized or unintended parties, may not arrive at the intended destination, or may not arrive in the form transmitted. Government Window has the ability to make information available through secure electronic transmissions. Please contact the sender if you wish to receive secure transmissions.

Electronic messages may be delayed, and information in electronic messages may be not be up to date and may not be updated:

Electronic message communications cannot be guaranteed to be timely, secure or error free. Information provided speaks only as of its date. We have not undertaken, and will not undertake, any duty to update the information or otherwise advise you of changes in our opinion or in the research or information we make available to you.

Opinions Expressed:

The views and opinions included in sender’s emails belong to their author and do not necessarily mirror the views and opinions of the company. Our employees are obliged not to make any defamatory clauses, infringe, or authorize infringement of any legal right. Therefore, Government Window will not take any liability for such statements included in emails. In case of any damages or other liabilities arising, employees are fully responsible for the content of their emails.

Third Party Data:

The data contained in a communication may be obtained from a variety of sources and may be subject to change. Government Window and its affiliates disclaim any and all liability for the information, including without limitation, any express or implied representations or warranties for information or errors contained in, or omissions from, the information. Government Window and its affiliates, employees and officers shall not be liable for any loss or liability suffered by you resulting from the provision to you of the information or your use or reliance in any way on the information.

SMS Delivery of Data:

By accepting the receipt of this message, you confirm that you are authorized to do so and acceptance of this material would not be in breach of your internal policies and procedures for you to receive this information in this manner.

U.S. Treasury Circular 230 Tax Notice:

Government Window does not render advice on tax and tax accounting matters to clients. This communication was not intended or written to be used, and it cannot be used by any taxpayer, for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed on the taxpayer under U.S. federal income tax laws. Investors should consult their own legal, tax investment or other advisors, at both the onset of any transaction and on an ongoing basis to determine the laws and analyses applicable to their specific circumstances.


For further information on how Government Window processes your personal information, please see the Privacy Pledge.


Government Window puts the security of the client at a high priority. Therefore, we have put efforts into ensuring that the message is error and virus-free. Unfortunately, full security of the email cannot be ensured as, despite our efforts, the data included in emails could be infected, intercepted, or corrupted. Therefore, the recipient should check the email for threats with proper software, as the sender does not accept liability for any damage inflicted by viewing the content of this email.


Please contact the sender if you would prefer not to receive further electronic communications.

Voice Recording:

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, Government Window records certain telephone conversations with outside parties. By communicating with Government Window, you consent to the voice recording of conversations with personnel of Government Window.